Luubin, the Ebonheart
Luubin, the Ebonheart
Luubin, the Ebonheart

Luubin, the Ebonheart

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Make friends with Luubin, a winged dark dragon! Luubin is 24 inches from nose to tail tip. His wingspan is a full 11 inches comfortably spread out.

Once kept as a pet by a deranged lordling, Luubin has closed his heart to others. He lives now in a still and murky fen, silent except for the wet crunch of rooting roots under his claws.

Taciturn and closed off to the world, Luubin eats anything unwise enough to venture into his quiet domain.

He hoards shiny black obsidian, and to this day adventurers still meet their end if they encounter him scavenging near a volcano.


Every collectible dragon comes with its own full art card as proof of ownership. Each print has its own edition! Get the first edition Luubin now while it is available! :)

Luubin is the second Dragon in the "Origins" collection.

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